PHP Web Graphics

2001-06-06 16:29 ☼ post

I started going through a php tutorial on creating your own voting polls and discovered along the way that my current installation of PHP wasn’t compiled with support for the gd graphics library. I set to work searching around the web for MacOS X packages that contained the gd library, zlib, and libpng and stumbled upon this helpful site with precompiled tarballs of just about everything I was looking for. I’m going to wait to recompile PHP until after I get home from work, but I’ll report back here with the outcome.

During my search I also discovered the Fink package manager project for Darwin/MacOS X. It looks interesting, and while I successfully installed it (I think), I didn’t succeed in downloading anything during the initial install run because the site it attempted to access was busy. I’ll probably play with it more later as well.