PHP And Swap Files

2001-06-07 17:24 ☼ post

Compiling PHP with jpeg and png graphics support hasn’t happened for me yet, but I’m getting closer. I keep getting distracted by interesting things like the gnu-darwin project.

I also finally got around to fully purging Linux from my PowerBook; now that I’m focusing on OS X it didn’t make much sense to waste 3GB on something I haven’t logged into for months. I deleted the two Linux partitions (root and swap) and then recreated them as two HFS+ partitions, Zoom and Swap respectively. Then I used the instructions in this article I found at ResExcellence to move my MacOS X swap file over to its new home in the Swap partition. Everything seems to be working as planned so far. I haven’t attempted to stress test my system yet, but I’m going to give it a go shortly.