2001-06-08 14:03 ☼ post

I went to CompUSSR today to buy a couple MiniDV tapes so that I can record Kristen’s graduation a few short hours from now. As I stood in line waiting to make my purchase, my gaze fell upon the shelves with all the different computer cases for customers looking to put together their own systems. I’ve never built my own computer,” I thought to myself. I should really do that some time.”

Then I pondered which operating system I would choose. Probably, BSD… definitely not MS anything…”

Hmm… Why do I need a new computer again?”

The line moved forward and I noticed that the customer service counter was manned (or more acurately geeked) by that same skinny, awkward looking young salesman that had let me stand dumbly in front of an unlocked display case for ten minutes before revealing with an air of bemused superiority that I could in fact reach the MiniDV tapes I was looking to purchase that day without his help. I was annoyed then, but now as I watched him smugly engage a pair of customers with wishy-washy sales speak, I knew that I was the superior one this day. I had found my tapes again in mere minutes this time around; he was still stuck here in his red polo shirt and black dockers handling the unwashed computing masses.

I paid, flashed my shiny new receipt at the poor guy guarding the entranceway, and strolled out into the warm sunshine of Spokane in June.