2001-06-10 20:27 ☼ post

It’s been a busy weekend away from computers for the most part, but I’m finally starting to catch up on some of my online reading.

The last two movies that Mary and I have gone to are What’s The Worst That Can Happen? and Evolution. Both ended up being quite funny and entertaining and as an added bonus WTWTCH? featured a couple Macs running MacOS X.

I still haven’t seen Parl Harbor or the Mummy Returns, movies that I was at least initially fairly exited to see. There should be plenty of time to watch some movies later in the week though as I’m done with basketball for the week after tomorrow.

Ferris ended up winning Mt. Spokane’s summer basketball tournament with a convincing victory over Mead, the team that had ousted them in last weekend’s tournament. That was pretty sweet and it allowed me to add a new basketball t-shirt to my wardrobe which is always a good thing.