Apple Stuff

2001-07-18 13:55 ☼ post

After listening to the MacWorld New York keynote this morning I was surprised that no significant hardware announcements were made, but I certainly wasn’t disappointed in the news I was able to hear. The new 800 MHz midrange G4 with built in SuperDrive looks especially appealing because I’m fairly interested in digital video these days. I’m seriously looking forward to the day that I can burn my own DVDs and have them play on any DVD player. I’d also like to convert a lot of my dad’s old basketball game video tapes to a format that won’t degrade and this looks like a sure-fire way to go about doing that.

As far as the rest of the keynote announcements go I didn’t tune in time to watch the MacOS X 10.1 demos, but from what I’ve read so far today significant speed improvements have been made, and that to me is a very big deal. I just wish we didn’t have to wait until September for the new update. I’ll make do though because a quality release is worth waiting for.

Now I need to try the Toast 5 MacOS X preview edition. If it works reasonably well I won’t have to reboot into MacOS 9 again and I can keep adding to my current uptime record of 13 days, 4:37.