Busy Sunday

2001-08-05 23:58 ☼ post

The Code Red woes continue… I’ve had to power cycle my Cisco 675 DSL modem at least four times today. I’ve changed a couple settings based on a suggestion I found on the most recent Slashdot article, but I probably need a days worth of network uptime before I can say it was successful. There is a CBOS patch 2.4.2 out there that will solve the problem if my current fix fails, but it’s not readily available and will be a pain to download to the 675.

Today’s Seahawks training camp scrimmage was hot, but enjoyable. Matt Hasselbeck played pretty well and made a spectacular scrambling touchdown pass to finish off a two minute drill. I’m already looking forward to next weekend’s preseason opener. Unfortunately I’m going to be out of town and probably won’t be able to watch it.