Wednesday Morning

2001-08-09 09:31 ☼ post

Hmm… looks like the courts/congress are going to have to move fast if they want to block the release of Windows XP. According to CNET Windows XP could see a September ship date.

Personally I’m pretty ambivalent about XP. I’m much more interested in the arrival of MacOS X 10.1.

The Starting Line: Tech sector could learn from 80s While I’m not a tech investor, I’m always interested in what’s going on in this segment of the stock market both currently and from a historical perspective.

Speaking of history and the 80′s, I was just thinking about the first big report I had to do for school. The year was 1983, I was a nine year old in the 4th grade, and my topic was unsurprisingly computers (specifically personal computers by today’s standards). If I recall correctly, the report took place shortly after the Christmas that my parents had purchased a TRS-80 Color Computer for our family and I brought it along to demo a few things. I remember buying some kind of computer magazine that reviewed all the new models as part of my research and later using some of the pictures for my report. Thankfully I don’t think there are any videotapes of my presentation floating around, but I wonder if the report itself is in a box somewhere out at my mom’s house. That could be a fairly significant historical document : ).