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2001-08-23 09:42 ☼ post

I’m fairly interested in what’s going on with all the XML-RPC stuff over at Scripting News, but I had never heard of REST until I saw a mention of the RESTwiki over there. Intriguing stuff because from what I can tell after a fairly cursory glance, the REST approach is able to do everything that SOAP or XML-RPC can with a little less overhead.

One semi-related project that I’ll probably be exploring further in the near future is figuring out how to connect BBEdit to weblogging systems like Manilla or Blogger (or down the road my own vaporous weblogging project). It just occurred a few days back that I’d probably be better off figuring out how to integrate that functionality into BBEdit than building yet another client. Since BBEdit has great AppleScript and Perl integration it shouldn’t be too hard to come up with scripts that take care of that.