In The Mood To Program.

2001-09-28 10:02 ☼ post

I took a trip over to Barnes & Noble last night to peruse their computer book selection. I didn’t buy anything, but I saw several books that I’ll probably add to my collection sometime down the road here. It’s really nice to have not just one, but two B&N’s in town because without a doubt they provide the best computer book selection in Eastern Washington. While I like ordering things online as much as the next guy (probably more in fact) I like the instant gratification factor that a large bookstore provides.

I haven’t beaten Pillars of Garendall yet, but I’m fairly close. At some point a few days back I completely lost my urge to play. Part of that was related to the annoying sound loss/save game bug that I’ve been working around since the beginning, but the rest of it is wanting to get back to doing more productive things like the programming projects that I’ve had floating around in the back of my mind for months now.

Incidentally I’m hoping that the sound loss/save game bug will be fixed by MacOS X 10.1 which I have on order, but also hope to pick up tomorrow at my nearby CompUSSR.