Google And Other Things.

2001-10-02 14:11 ☼ post

Holy Schnikeys! Google incorporated three more search options into their front page when I wasn’t looking. There are now tabs for Web, Images, Groups (newsgroups of course) and Directory (think Yahoo).

I just finished downloading the MacOS X 10.1 developer tools. Time to install and then burn another CD I think. Then perhaps I should update to Fink .30 as well. The Darwin 1.4.1 install image is also available today and for the first time it’s a bootable installer. I may just have to download that in the next couple days.

Switching gears to the realm of blog management, Movable Type is looking very smooth these days and the public release date is less than a week away. Looks like it might just be time to migrate Axodys over from Greymatter. Of course I’d still like to come up with something of my own down the road, but my current window of opportunity to work on something like that is pretty minimal. A better project would probably be exploring bbedit/applescript/xml-rpc connectivity with various blogging tools. Fun stuff to think about anyway.