MacOS X Hijinks

2001-10-03 13:52 ☼ post

I’ve been doing a few things to tweak my MacOS X 10.1 installation today. For instance this morning I realized that the update had reset my swap partition to the default swap file location and was eating up valuable space that I needed to be able to install the Developer Tools. Getting that changed back to my swap partition freed up almost a quarter GB. I also went ahead and removed the Classic system folder I had on my MacOS X partition.

Yesterday Rafe Coburn had a really interesting entry with a couple links about where Bin Laden could be holing up and the new high tech weaponry our special forces may be carrying. It actually kind of reminds me of the machine gun/grenade launcher from Marathon. Considering this page says that they had the initial prototype in 1998 and initial soldier firings in 1998-99 it would surprise me if these systems weren’t already available to our special forces.