Up Early And Being Productive

2001-10-13 08:59 ☼ post

I’m up quite early on a Saturday because the maintenance workers cleaning up the empty apartment next door left a radio blaring—




I heard it last night as I was going to sleep, but I assumed it was a wedding up at the Corbin Center or something. But the noise continued throughout the night and this morning at 5 something AM when I awoke to what had to be a loud unattended radio somewhere in the vicinity I was not a happy person.

I dragged myself out of bed and walked out into our living room to see if the noise was coming from the courtyard. Silence.

Okay, that means the noise is probably coming from the apartment next door.

Ear to wall.

Hmm… sounds kind of like music playing loudly in an apartment devoid of any content or people. Did the neighbors move out recently?

Back to living room to peer out our windows at the couple visible windows from the apartment next door.

Hey, the blinds are open. A few lights are on… I bet a maintenance guy was cleaning up the place, left, and completely forgot about his loud echoing tunes.

Return to bed. Mary is not sleeping. Mary wants to report this to somebody in charge. Put random clothes on. Go downstairs with Mary. Figure out which room belongs to the building maintenance guys. Go down to their room. Ring obnoxious door buzzer. Wait. Ring obnoxious door buzzer. Wait.

Mary: Did someone just walk up to the peep hole, look out and walk away?”

Me: Maybe he needed to put some clothes on.”

Ring obnoxious door buzzer.

Shirtless, sleepy looking maintenance guy opens door. Explain situation to guy, guy realizes error and apologizes. Says we should have come by sooner.

Retreat to apartment, strangely awake.

Mary: Now I’m too awake to go to sleep.”