Lunch Time BBedit Musings

2001-10-18 12:22 ☼ post

I’ve been exploring BBedit 6.5 some this morning and it seems pretty darn nifty.

One of the first things I checked when I installed last night was whether or not it supported the Command-H hide feature that is standard to all MacOS X applications. Sure enough, after popping up a little one time dialog asking whether I wanted that functionality or the original BBedit functionality, it now behaves as expected.

There are few interesting features that I didn’t come across until I started playing with BBedit. The new PCRE (perl compatible regular expression) based grep functionality is pretty cool, but even better it supports syntax higlighting on your regular expressions. There’s also a really handy feature called Shell Worksheets that allows you to type shell commands from within an editing window much like Apple’s MPW. The bbedit command line tool is even cooler than I’d realized because not only can you open files with it, but you can actually pipe stuff into bbedit with it as well! I’m sure I’ll find even more interesting features as I continue to play with it.

Overall I’d rate BBedit 6.5 a great value for people upgrading from 6.1.

Hey, I just realized that it was lunch time. Guess I’d better warm up my vegetarian lasagna.