November Is Here

2001-11-01 09:37 ☼ post

I’m completely amazed that it’s already November 1st. So much is going on (or will be going on) this month. Sunday Mary and I will celebrate our 1st wedding anniversary and the high school basketball season is less than two weeks away. And of course I’m working on my first novel.

Speaking of The Novel, last night (technically this morning) I commenced writing. Two hours and 443 words later I had manage to introduce a couple characters and more importantly, really begun solidifying things in my imagination. I spent a few hours yesterday evening jotting down ideas, coming up with interesting names, and sketching out a map of the world everything takes place in and that really helped get things started. The funny thing about the whole process is that I’ve been thinking about it and coming up with new ideas ever since. I’m planning to work on things again during my lunch, but in some ways I wish I could start right now.