Slow Progress

2001-11-07 13:41 ☼ post

Sadly, I’ve managed to get quite a ways behind on my novel in the last couple days. I’ve written something every day, just not as much as I need to and now my total is at 8,206 words when I should really be at 10,002 going on 11,669 words for today. I’m hoping I can make some serious progress in the next several days and get ahead by the end of the weekend, but we’re really going to have see.

Chapter 3 is shaping up okay, but I just reintroduced a character into the chapter that I thought was going to be a major character (and thus would normally get his own chapters) and it’s a little hard to keep my third person view point from gravitating towards him away from the chapter’s main character.

I think I really need to take the time to start jotting down more plot notes and perhaps make an outline in the next day or two. That will make the whole writing process go a lot more smoothly I think. I’ve got some definite ideas, but it will help to know where I’m trying to get to with each chapter.