First Win On Gilman Court

2001-12-05 09:19 ☼ post

Saxons hold off Bears After watching last year’s showing with a relatively young team I expected Central Valley to be a team on the rise this year. Sure enough they gave us a very good game last night during our Gilman Court debut.

I was actually kind of surprised that the Shadle Park and Mead game didn’t get top billing yesterday, but I guess between the three of us there will be five more big showdowns down the road. I haven’t seen tape of that game yet, but it looks like Mead was really able to clamp down on Shadle defensively and just lost the game 55-53 thanks to a last second Danny Pariseau layup.

At this point in the young GSL season it’s looking like Ferris, Mead, and Shadle Park (alpha order- no predictions here!) are the top tier teams, Central Valley and Mt. Spokane are maybe on the second tier and then G-Prep, NC (who started the season with games against Shadle and Ferris- ouch!), and Rogers could be duking it out for that last playoff spot. It’s still very early in the season though so it will be fun to see how everything shakes out.