Wizard’s First Rule

2001-12-09 23:01 ☼ post

In the accomplishments for the weekend department I finished Wizard’s First Rule this afternoon and bought Stone of Tears while I was out running a few errands.

I definitely enjoyed WFR, but felt like the dialogue was a bit a stilted and cliche at times. WFR was the first fantasy adventure novel I’ve read since I attempted my own novel last month as part of Nanowrimo so I approached it with a much more critical eye than I usually do. In some ways reading it made me feel like I could write something as good or better (however, I’m certainly in awe of his ability to churn out such lengthy books on a yearly basis) and obviously I liked it enough to be interested in reading more in the series. So far SoT seems a little more polished than the first book, but considering WFR was the first novel by Terry Goodkind I think he has a lot of potential as an author.