GSL Update

2001-12-12 12:18 ☼ post

Mead deadeye scores 38 on CV

Morrison can flat out score points. I saw most of last night’s game against CV and they couldn’t do anything right against him defensively. He was hitting 3′s, midrange shots, offensive putbacks, turnarounds on the baseline, etc.. The other amazing stat from the game was that he scored 38 points and only shot two free throws (missing one). That indicates to me that for the majority of the shots he took last night were not contested the way they need to be for a player of his caliber.

The other funny thing about the game was that Leaf, a guy that is normally Mead’s primary outside shooter, was like 1-8 from beyond the arc. It made me wonder if Morrison had performed some basketball voodoo ritual prior to the game and stolen Leaf’s shooting ability to combine with his own. He certainly shot the ball that way.