GSL Update

2001-12-15 19:53 ☼ post

Taylor hot for CV posts 34 points against Rogers.

Morrison seems to have have cooled off since Tuesday, posting a mere 21 points against the Knights in yesterday’s game. Sean Mallon checked in with 27 against the Titans and Shadle Park’s Brett Weisner was right behind with 26 against the Tigers. By my calculations that puts the top 5 in the scoring race through yesterday’s games as follows:

Name, School GP Pts High Avg
Morrison, Mead 5 143 38 28.6
Mallon, Ferris 5 110 28 22
Taylor, Central Valley 6 119 34 19.8
Weisner, Shadle Park 6 118 31 19.7
Pariseau, Shadle Park 6 101 21 16.8

I don’t think the GSL has ever seen that much scoring from that many players. It’ll be interesting to see if that holds up through the entire season.