Web Weather Portals

2001-12-21 14:07 ☼ post

I first read about The Weather Underground in this Wired article a while back and discovered that they offer local local doppleras compared to weather.com’s regional doppler images. Their maps weren’t quite as nice though, so out of habit I’ve still used weather.com as my main source of weather information on the web. Well, no more.

As if the mismatch of panels weather.com has been calling an interface for the past few months wasn’t bad enough, they’ve gone from bad to worse with the addition of obnoxious full screen Flash based AT&T Wireless ads. The web is not television. Silent animated gifs are one thing, but I refuse to give you permission to take over my speakers and browser window to play Christmas tunes and the honking horn of a screen dominating orange snow plow. It’s completely unacceptable for you to drive across actual page content. I’m turning to Weather Underground for good.