What’s Going On?

2001-12-26 15:53 ☼ post

Hanging out at home now that I’m back from practice. I haven’t played any Deimos Rising in a few days, maybe I should blow twenty minutes doing that.

I also really, really need to clean up the top of my desk.  It's reached critical mass— if I put anything else on it, important stuff is going to start falling off.  Plus I need to find room for my sister's iBook so that I can finish upgrading it.

In other fronts I'm going to have to jump start my car sometime during the next 18 hours.  Between the cold and lack of use it's received in the last several days it refused to start this afternoon when I needed to go to practice.  Repeated cranking on the ignition only succeeded in running my battery down and in the end I had to borrow Mary's car.  That was fine for today, but we really need two functional cars by tomorrow morning.