The Joys Of Being Sick

2002-01-04 12:50 ☼ post

As I mentioned last time I was feeling quite a bit better after doing some things to treat my cold/cough symptoms. Unfortunately, some time after 3 AM I awoke with a VERY sore throat. Feeling simultaneously awful and quite awake I crawled out of bed and got myself some more juice. That didn’t especially help so I tried gargling some warm salt water for a while. That proved to be less effective than it usually does though so I was forced to simply take some more cough medicine and crawl back into bed in the hopes of falling back to sleep. Despite my still painfully sore throat (or perhaps more acurately sore left tonsil) I was able to drift back to sleep without much trouble.

This morning when I awoke, I still felt pretty sick, but was still planning on going into work. Thankfully, Mary encouraged me to call in sick and after a little thought I agreed. Since then I’ve been spending the day resting and hydrating my body and I’m starting to feel a bit better. My throat feels much better at least.