SJ Mercury: Handspring’s phone-PDA combo

2002-01-17 12:40 ☼ post

SJ Mercury: Handspring’s phone-PDA combo is a dud.

Handspring’s much-touted new Treo 180 communicator” at $399 — the latest attempt to merge a personal digital assistant with a mobile phone — turns out to be yet another kludge that’s too much of a PDA to be a good phone and too much of a phone to be a good PDA. [Tomalak’s Realm]

I saw pictures of the Treo over at a while back and it looked fairly interesting. The biggest downside in my mind at this point is the lack of digital networking integration. It’s ludicrous to me that you may have to dial up an isp for wireless access on a digital phone in 2002. Digital to Analog to Digital is just gross. I wonder what kind of networking we have available here in Spokane?