3 Year And 1000 Posts Later

2002-01-24 10:26 ☼ post

Today is the 3rd Anniversary of Axodys. It’s hard to believe that it’s been three years and roughly 1000 posts since I started doing this crazy weblog thing. Some of the most significant events of my life to date have occurred during this three year span and to a limited extent they’ve been documented here on these pages for anyone and everyone to see. I asked out, dated and finally married my wife. My dad died of cancer. I helped coach Ferris varsity boys basketball teams that finished 2nd at state two out of the last three years, and three different league winning Ferris JV teams that together combined for two losses over the course of 60 games. I travelled to Washington D.C. twice, Disneyland twice, and Phoenix/Tempe twice over this span as well. And I’m probably forgetting some other significant events that I’ll add if they come to me later.

Of course Axodys isn’t just about me and the events of my life. I’ve also used it as a notepad for topics I’m interested in like Mac computers, MacOS X, Sports, Programming, Movies, the Web, and a variety of other topics that show up in the news. I’ve also written countless times about how I planned to do a redesign and never quite gotten around to completing any. Hopefully I’ll get my act together in that regard soon.

So where does Axodys go from here? For now, pretty much the same way it’s always gone. I will continue to write about things that are going on in my life and things that I’m interested in. I do intend to move my site and old entries out of Movable Type and over to Radio Userland, but I’m not sure what the timeframe on that will be. At any rate, here’s to three good years. Thanks for tuning in,