So dumb…

2002-01-31 08:41 ☼ post

Last night I was really out of it at times. I didn’t feel particularly tired, but perhaps I was mentally fatigued. My first annoying blunder of the night was packing up my laptop and leaving work without my power adaptor. However, that little misstep completely pales next to what I did after I got home.

At just after 7 PM I was starting to get hungry so I decided to pop in a DiGiorno cheese pizza. After the oven and pizza baking stone were ready to go I popped in the pizza and then decided to take out the garbage. I stopped by my desk, grabbed my keys and locked my apartment door behind me. When I came back from my short trip down the hall to the garbage can and pulled out my keys I realized to my horror that I had grabbed my work keys. I was now locked out of the apartment with a pizza in the oven and my wife and our other set of keys clear across town at her parents.

Dumber still, I spent the next half hour stewing and trying to figure out a way to get back in without going to the maintenance guys. In the end, when it was clear that Mary was probably not going to be getting home anytime soon, I went to them and they let me back in with no problem whatsoever. For some reason I had visions of having to pay $50 fines and it being a big hastle which wasn’t the case at all. The pizza was pretty well burned by the time I got to it though so I had to settle for chili instead. Sad.