The B-log?!

2002-02-27 10:05 ☼ post

The Washington State Class B Basketball Tournament (boys bracket, girls bracket)starts today here in Spokane’s Arena. The B’s are special because they’re the smallest high school classification in Washington and entire communities stop everything and travel across the state to support their teams. Both sets of my grandparents grew up in little wheat farming towns west of Spokane (Hartline and Creston) that are still B schools and my dad attended the B school up in Springdale. If I ever become a head basketball coach, I think the B’s would be a great place to start.

Oddly enough, the Spokesman Review (Spokane’s local paper) has a special B Basketball page on their website, and more significantly the B_log_ a weblog covering the tournament. You know weblogs are going mainstream if the B Tournament has one.