New Hard Drive

2002-02-28 15:26 ☼ post

The new external 80 GB Firewire hard drive I ordered from OWC arrived today and seems to work quite well. Unfortunately, the Firewire cable they sent along with it appears to be defective (although it looks fine superficially). If I didn’t happen to have a spare cable lying around I might have thought the drive itself was defective, but thankfully that isn’t the case.

Now that I finally have plenty of drive space I’m planning to play around some more with iMovie and the MiniDV camera Mary and I bought last August. With basketball season winding down there should be at least a few interesting things to record.

I think I might also use some of the new drive space to rip some CDs. I’ve always been somewhat relunctant to do that because of my dearth of drive space (and that’s only two years after upgrading my hard drive 20 GB from 4 GB), but now that excuse is out the window.