Final Four [05]

2002-03-30 18:22 ☼ post

Back from the break. iVision is kind of cool. I’d like to see more of it.

Dixon hits a 3 from the left baseline. Kansas pushes it up court and draws a foul inside against Randle.

18-15 KU with 11:26.

KU misses multiple shots. Langford should have scored and then an offensive rebounding frenzy began. Kansas ends up with the ball on a jump ball situation, but fails to score.

Wilcox turns the ball over, leading Mouton too far on a pass to the right baseline.

20-15 on a KU layup. Mouton scores and then Kansas comes down and scores on a jumper. 22-17.

Wilcox scores inside. 22-19. Hinrich misses a three and the Terps end up with the rebound. Collison just went out with his second foul.

9:30 to go in the half.

Billy and Jim comment on how much effort Maryland coach, Gary William puts into a game.

Nicholas just subbed in for Blake.

Tahj Holden hits his two free throws to make it a one point game.

Miles scores after a series of turnovers to put it at three.

Mouton misses and Hinrich rebounds. Boschi shoots and misses a deep three, but Gooden grabs the offensive rebound and is fouled. Misses the first free throw. Drew nails the second to put the score at 25-21.

A couple no score possessions end with an interior foul situation. Holden’s shooting two more free throws. Brings the score back within 2 at 25-23.