Final Four [06]

2002-03-30 18:28 ☼ post

I’m impressed with how well Maryland has been able to battle back from their initial deficit, especially without the help of Lonnie Baxter.

7:44 to go in this half. We have a conference with the two coaches and the officials. Not sure what’s going on. Ahh, there’s a leak in the roof. That’s not cool. Looks like they worked things out.

Baxter is back in the game. Maryland goes to their full court trap and Kansas isn’t able to score once they break it. Juan Dixon comes down and nails a shot to give the Terapins their first lead.

Drew Gooden is fouled by Dixon and makes 1-2. We’re tied at 26-26 with 6:30 remaining.

A couple empty posessions for both teams. Maryland has the ball as we go to time out.