Final Four [09]

2002-03-30 18:46 ☼ post

1:00 to go. Dixon drives and finds Wilcox with a sweet dish. Gooden fouls Wilcox and the high riser hits his foul shots to complete the 3 point play.

KU gets a couple opportunities at the line, but misses the first and then the second.

Blake brings the ball up under pressure. Randle puts up a surprisingly long shot and misses badly. Blake picks up a cheap one in the scramble for the rebound.

44-37 Blake has the ball and tries to pass inside, but there is too much mustard and he turns it over.

KU ball with 4.2 seconds .7 seconds after the ball is tipped. They throw the ball into Boschi, but he misses and the score at the half is 44-37.

Bonnie Bernstein talks to Gary Williams. He’s confident in the two back up posts when Baxter is out. They’ve been doing it all year when LB gets in foul trouble.

Okay time for food.