Final Four [10]

2002-03-30 19:14 ☼ post

Blake starts things off with a quick dime to Wilcox for a dunk. After some more fast paced scoring we’re at 39-48.

Baxter scored zero points in the first half, but quickly gets his first two in this half. Now he just picked up his third foul against Aaron Miles from Portland Oregon’s Jefferson High. Gary Williams opts to stay with Baxter for a while more.

Blake just picked up his third foul. KU just victimized the Terps for a quick score on an out of bounds play.

Hinrich just picked up a charge against Baxter for his third foul. Then at the other end Gooden just picked up his third.

The score is 50-43 Maryland leads with just over 17 minutes to go in the half. Holden just came in for Baxter.

KU pounds it into Collison and he converts to bring it to 5 points. Wilcox tries to duplicate the feat at the other end, but fails to convert.

Collison turns the ball over on a travel.

Dixon pulls for three. Clang! The ball trickles out of bounds off Kansas. Dixon scores on a drive.

Boschee comes down and hits a big three to bring KU within 4 points of the Terps.

15:27 remaining as we go to commercial.