Final Four [11]

2002-03-30 19:24 ☼ post

Collison goes to work on the block. They need to keep getting him the ball there.

54-50 Maryland after a couple empty trips for both teams.

BP thinks Collison is a huge advantage with Baxter out and I agree for once. Actually, I think even with Baxter in the game Collison could probably work him.

Blake gets a steal tries to take it inside to pass, but gets it rejected.

Billy continues to bemoan the lack of out of bounds defense by both teams. I’m kind of surprised actually. In my limited college basketball experience it seems like scoring off out of bounds plays is nowhere near as frequent as what you see at the high school level.

56-50 13:03 Wilcox picks up another foul so now he’s at 3 fouls as well. Langford hits a free throw and Baxter checks in.


Blake misses a jumper, but Wilcox scores an amazing put back.

KU turnover and Baxter ends up with a layup off a long pass. The Maryland lead is now 60-52.