Final Four [17]

2002-03-30 20:02 ☼ post

Collison misses the first shot. Gets number two. 3:10 remaining. Dixon brings the ball up. Wilcox tosses up a crappy shot. Holden just picked up his fourth.

Maryland is looking like a serious meltdown. Miles is at the line. Misses the first shot, but gets number two. 85-77 2:49 to go. Miles fouls Blake.

Blake nails the first, but misses the second. MIles comes down and misses the a three. Collison socres inside 7 point game 2:20 left.

86-79. Blake misses. 2:13 left. Gets number two 87-79. 87-82 after Boschee nails a 3. HOLY SCHNIKEYS!