Performance Review

2002-04-11 23:16 ☼ post

Had a performance review at work today. It went okay, but wasn’t something I particularly enjoyed. I think some positive things will come out of it in the end though as it gave me some areas that I can specifically work on improving over the next year.

As part of the process I was rated in a variety of areas on a scale that had four values: unacceptable, needs improvement, meets expectations, and exceeds expectations. Unfortunately, I realized today that for the technical portion of the ratings there isn’t really anyone besides myself that would know whether or not I was exceeding expectations as far as my technical skills go. My supervisor let me have some input on where I should be rated, but he doesn’t really have any specific IT knowledge or background so it makes it pretty hard to get an exceeds expectations rating (from my perspective that’s kind of rating you simply can’t argue for yourself). Anyway Joel Spolsky wrote a really good column on this very topic a couple years back entitled: Incentive Pay Considered Harmful.