Fairly Productive

2002-04-14 12:35 ☼ post

I managed to be fairly productive yesterday afternoon and finally cleaned of the top of my desk. It’s not perfect, but now I actually have room to put my external drives (CDRW, HD) somewhere.

Next task: Cleanup, organize, and then backup my laptop’s hard drive. It’s getting pretty cluttered and I want to clear up some space to start doing some iMovie video capture.

I’ve actually had problems capturing MiniDV video clips directly to my external Firewire drive, but I’m not sure whether I’m dealing with a MacOS X issue, a Firewire2go/Cardbus issue, or a 5400 rpm drive speed issue. I hate rebooting into MacOS 9 these days, but with the Quicktime video issues that a Lombard PowerBook has to deal under MacOS X that’s probably the way to go.

Another video editing possibility that I’ve considered is upgrading my old revision A iMac. I can add a Sonnett HARMONi 500Mhz processor card (with a FireWire port!) for around $300 and that way I could have a dedicated video editing machine.