2002-04-21 23:05 ☼ post

I was disappointed to learn today on CNN that Alice in Chains singer Layne Staley had been found dead in his Seattle residence Friday. I was familiar with his drug problems (how could you not be if you actually listened to the lyrics), but in all honesty hadn’t thought much about the band in several years. It’s really sad to see yet another musician from that era meet an untimely end.

AIC was a favorite band of mine back in my college days during the grunge period of the early 90′s. I can remember blasting Them Bones” from Dirt countless mornings in my dorm room after returning from an early morning class during my junior year. Spring semester I snapped up Jar of Flies the day it was released. I liked that EP a lot, but for whatever reason by the time their eponymous album came out in 1995 I was starting to lose interest in the band and never got around to picking it up. Now seven years later my musical tastes have mellowed a bit and dark angry music has lost a bit of its earlier luster, but I still enjoy listening and reminiscing on occasion (Dirt’s playing on my headphones now in fact).