Cringely Tragedy

2002-05-07 11:06 ☼ post

I’ve been a fairly regular Robert Cringely reader for a couple years now because he usually has a lot of interesting things to say about computers and the technology industry. Sometimes his speculation seems a little far fetched or off the wall, but I generally enjoy it. A week ago I was surprised and saddened by his April 25 column when he revealed that his two month old son Chase had died from SIDS. I was really impressed by his grief inspired desire to devote his life to battling SIDS and intrigued by his call to the Internet community to assist him in this task. Based on his most recent column, it looks like a ton of people are getting on board and offering their assistance. The website isn’t up quite yet, but eventually the project willl be located at I’m definitely going to keep tabs on this project.