Chimera Needs Tabs

2002-05-16 10:01 ☼ post

I wish Chimera handled tabs more like Mozilla does. I want to be able to open a new tab in the background by CMD-clicking links. Having to navigate through a pop up menu is a pain, especially when the link in question ends up loading in the foreground. I want to be able to continue reading the original page while the new pages loads in the background thank you very much.

Of course I fully expect Chimera to be superior to Mozilla down the road. Native widgets rule. Quartz rendered text rules.

On the other hand Mozilla widgets continue to be painfully slow. When I type at regular speed in a textbox I can easily outpace text display and I’m working on a 466Mhz machine. Not good.

I used to be mainly an IE 5.1 user, but tabs have pretty much brought that relationship to an end. Multiple browsing windows annoy the heck out of me now. I still keep IE around, but hopefully within a few months here I’ll be able to stick with just one browser.