Attack Of The Clones

2002-05-19 23:07 ☼ post

Attack of the Clones was definitely an improvement on The Phantom Menace. Mary and I caught a showing of Star Wars II today and the effects were as impressive as I expected them to be. Yoda’s duel with Count Dukoo was very cool. I definitely felt like suspension of disbelief was not a problem the majority of the time I was watching. I just wish that the acting could have been a little bit better at times. I didn’t think it was as bad as some people have indicated, but it could have been better.

On another positive note: Jar-Jar only had a couple scenes and R2 and 3PO returned to their rightful role as primary comic relief. I had no idea R2 had built in thrusters. The little guy is just full of surprises.