2002-05-30 15:54 ☼ post

I’ve been spending some time today reading about and fiddling with Eastgate System’s Tinderbox. I downloaded it a while back, but set it aside and didn’t get back to it. Reading about it again over at Aaron Swartz’s weblog inspired me to take another look.

Today’s explorations left me with a much better grasp of things. Notes are the basic unit of content and besides holding text each note has Attributes that you allow you to store additional data. Agents allow you to perform operations on Notes based on their Attributes. On top of that you can export any collection of Notes into text or html files after filtering them through templates.

At this point I’m fairly interested in buying Tinderbox, but with a house purchase pending and money fairly tight I’m probably going to have to put it on my list of things to buy down the road (alongside Fireworks MX now that I think about it). Hopefully the MacOS X version will be available to play with soon.