Old News

2002-06-18 10:24 ☼ post

This is old news now, but since I never got around to mentioning it in my weblog yesterday and first and foremost axodys is a record of what I’ve been thinking about and not about breaking news: Dave Winer is in the hospital.

I noticed Saturday that Dave hadn’t posted anything and by Sunday I was really starting to wonder what was going on. It actually crossed my mind that something might have happened to him because it’s fairly unsual for him to quit posting on a daily basis without first mentioning that he’s going to be away. Fellow Userland employee John Robb finally provided the confirmation that he was in the hospital, but gave very little in the way of details.

The outpouring of support on the web that followed John’s announcement has been particularly impressive. There are 215 get well comments on that message alone at last count and another get well page here. On top of that someone else put together a page promoting the idea that people could contribute money towards buying him an iPod.