2002-06-26 10:13 ☼ post

I’ve been thinking about lawnmowers a lot lately now that I have a yard of my own to take care of. The previous owners of our house left a fairly new mower out in the backyard under a pile of leaves and bushes. I haven’t tried starting it yet, but I’m hopeful that it will run with just a little bit of maintenance. Then assuming I can get it to run decently my next move will be to convert it into a mulching mower. The good news is that if that mower doesn’t work out it sounds like Mary’s parents have an extra Toro we can have.

I haven’t mowed very many lawns in recent years, but I actually enjoy it quite a bit as long as I’m using a mulching mower and don’t have to stop to empty a bag full of grass clippings. Growing up my first weekly paying job was mowing my grandparents’ and parents’ lawns so I’ve handled many a garbage bag full of heavy clippings. Thank goodness for modern lawn care technology.