Fence Building Prep

2002-08-17 23:17 ☼ post

Today was fence building preparation day in our backyard. Unfortunately that involved filling 30-plus garbage sacks full of yard waste, branches, and compost from a large pile in the back corner of our yard. Just another one of those fun surprises that came with the house.

Of course to top things off after we finished for the day I managed to get my first bee sting in several years. I was pulling on some ivy that had taken over a section of fence that will be torn down soon when I suddenly felt a sharp pain in my arm. Strangely enough I hadn’t seen or heard any sign of the wasp that stung me until after it had happened, but I got out of there pretty quickly when I realized that I had been stung. In the end I didn’t have much of a reaction and putting ice on the sting seemed to help. My arm is still a bit sore as I type this though.