Lawn Waste Disposal Day

2002-08-18 21:44 ☼ post

Lawn waste disposal day went pretty well. Mary and I finished up our yard work this morning by removing the ivy from the back wall of our house. That was a little more work than I would have preferred, but it’s definitely an improvement. I also found the wasp nest responsible for yesterday’s sting while de-vining a portion of the fence, but it was cold enough that the wasps were quite torpid. I considered knocking the nest down then, but Mary preferred that we wait and use some spray on them so that’s what we ended up doing.

After finishing our yard work I watched a little WNBA playoff action and then took a nap while Mary drove north to her parents to swap cars. She and her parents arrived with their two trucks somewhere after 1 PM and incredibly we were just able to fit all thirty five bags (my rough estimate) into the back of both trucks. Based on what we paid at the dump the amount of yard waste we cleared this weekend weighed aproximately 1100 lbs!