Weekend Exploits

2002-08-26 00:01 ☼ post

Mary and I had a relaxing couple days at Lake Couer d’Alene, but then we came home and started on our backyard fence project so I’m now fairly sore. I was only able to dig 3.5 holes for the fence posts this evening because the first two spots contained large chunks of concrete that I can only assume were remnants from a long forgotten fence. The second post hole still has its concrete chunk because I haven’t figured out the best approach to removing a solid three foot long mass of poured rock. Holes three and four went smoothly though with only a few large rocks between them with no concrete. That leaves about 6.5 holes left to deal with tomorrow.

Once I get tomorrow’s yard projects done I intend to do the big MacOS X 10.2 install since I haven’t had a chance to get around to it yet. Hopefully I can get my computer backed up in a couple hours or less, but we’ll have to see.