Playing With Zope

2002-09-02 22:19 ☼ post

At lunch today I decided to install the latest version of Zope after reading about a cool package that allows you to edit objects in the text browser of your choice. I found a binary package for MacOS X downloaded it, saw that it came with Python 2.1, and promptly decided that I should really just download the source and compile it myself since Jaguar comes with Python 2.2 preinstalled plus gcc 3.1. This made perfect sense to me at the time and I was all set to start jumping through the compile hoops when I realized there was a reason the binary distribution included Python 2.1; Zope 2.5.1 has some incompatibilities with Python 2.2.

Doh! Back to the binary package.

The zope installation was actually quite painless as I’ve done it a few times before (but not in quite a while). I (./start &)ed zope up, created a user for myself and promptly realized that the package I wanted to install on zope requires tkinter.

Groan. Do I really want to install Fink/XDarwin? Well, not now that lunch is over.