Evening With My Grandparents

2002-09-05 23:02 ☼ post

I had a real nice evening over at my grandparents watching football and fixing their vcr. The latter took less than a minute, as the culprit was merely a video tape that had been inserted backwards. A solid tug popped it right out.

The football game was a good one featuring the New York Giants and new Seahawk division rival San Francisco. Tied 6 — 3 at the half in a contest between two solid defensive squads, both offenses broke free with touchdowns at the running back spot in the second half. Then with the score knotted at 13 all and just under two minutes remaining, NYs defense shifted into that classic oxymoronic scheme know as the prevent defense. Terrell Owens promptly broke free to get his longest catch of the day and the Niners ran the clock down and nailed the field goal to seal the game.

Other thoughts: NY tight end Jeremy Shockey is without question my new favorite player. After the preseason game Monday Night Football Game a few weeks back where he broke free for a long gain and destroyed a db on his way down field I was pretty much sold. Tonight he had a pretty solid game and had one long gain, but missed his chance for glory when they ran a tight end screen pass in the fourth quarter and he dropped the ball. How cool is it that the Giants have a play like that though?!