2002-09-24 22:43 ☼ post

I figured out how to create an XVCD tonight using EyeTV’s best quality recording mode and GNUvcdtoolsX. It’s a little bit more involved than a straight export to Toast you can do when you record at VCD quality, but it works and the quality is a lot better for scenes with a lot of action (like basketball games). The downside is you can only fit about 35 minutes onto a cd at the higher bitrate and that’s about five minutes short of providing enough time to record an entire high school basketball game (the main videos I’ll be converting to XVCD).

Once you get a video into VCD or XVCD format there are some definite advantages over convential videotape though that are worth the slight loss of quality: * Duplicating a CD only takes a few minutes. * Multiple levels of slow motion. * A goto button that will instantly take you to a specific time in the video. * No degradation in image quality over time. * Built-in menu screens.