Lack of Entries

2002-10-09 09:12 ☼ post

I’m not sure what happened, but I really haven’t done a whole lot of posting in the last couple weeks. I’ve been somewhat busy lately, but really it only takes a few minutes to compose a post. I think there may be some kind of inverse relation to time spent in Net Newswire Lite or something. Of course on top of my aggregator fun I have been doing a ton of reading lately as well. I read Philip Pullman’s His Dark Materials trilogy over the course of last week and then yesterday while sick at home I devoured The Way Between Worlds, the conclusion to Ian Irvine’s The View from the Mirror quartet. That’s something like 1800 total pages read between the four books involved! No wonder I haven’t been doing much posting.

Oh, and by the way: both the quartet and the trilogy are really, really good.