Unhappy New Year

2003-01-01 21:07 ☼ post

The new year didn’t get off to a good start today. I found out first thing this morning that my grandpa (my mom’s dad) died last night, distractedly watched my jv basketball team have a crummy practice, and then came home only to watch the Cougars get crushed by Oklahoma in the Rose Bowl.

It actually wasn’t a completely bad day though. Mary and I had a nice visit with my other grandparents prior to the Rose Bowl and then came home to eat lunch and watch the game with my mom and sister.

I was definitely sad and somewhat surprised to hear about my grandpa’s passing this morning; on the other hand he enjoyed a long and succesful life and left me with many great memories. I’m really going to miss the holiday dinners he cooked and the huge batches of fresh rolls he baked so often.